Lab News

  • Ethan, James, and Jarrod publish in NeuroImage

    Their research to be published in July’s issue of NeuroImage used real time fMRI and decoded neurofeedback from individual finger movements. Over the course of several fMRI sessions, subjects learned patterns associated with each finger and then neurofeedback was used to assess performance. Offline simulations helped predict performance at both the g...

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  • Tracy and Jarrod’s directed forgetting study published in JNeuro

    Tracy and Jarrod’s article entitled “More is less: increased processing of unwanted memories facilitates forgetting” is now in press at the Journal of Neuroscience! This study uses fMRI and machine learning methods to show new evidence that intentional forgetting involves an enhancement of memory processing in sensory cortex to achieve directed for...

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  • Allison wins VSS graphics competition

    One of the LewPeaLab grad students, Allison Bruning, entered and won the annual Vision Sciences Society’s graphics competition. As the winner of the Program Cover Competition, the image she designed will be the VSS 2019 Program cover. Be on the look out for her graphic design at this year’s conference in May!

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