Lab News

  • Lab publishes review paper on removal from working memory

    Dr. Lewis-Peacock’s removal theory paper, “The removal of information from working memory” has been accepted by the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences”. The collaborative paper discusses what happens to goal-relevant information after it is no longer needed. This outdated information is often removed, reducing access to the information and maki...

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  • Lea publishes paper on refreshing and elaboration in Memory & Cognition

    Lea’s paper, ‘The effects of refreshing and elaboration on working memory performance, and their contributions to long-term memory formation’, was published in Memory & Cognition. Her research looks at the cognitive processes of refreshing, meaning the focusing of attention on memory representations, and elaboration, referring to linking representat...

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  • Stephanie to present at the 2018 Stanford Research Conference

    Stephanie’s application for the Stanford Research Conference was accepted and she is currently being considered to deliver a talk at the conference that will take place on April 13-15 at Stanford University. The Stanford Research Conference is a part of SURA, an association founded at Stanford to promote undergraduate research and provide students with a ...

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