Principal Investigator

Jarrod website photo 2016 250x250

Jarrod Lewis-Peacock, Ph.D.


Department of Psychology
Department of Neuroscience (by courtesy)
Department of Psychiatry (by courtesy)

Center for Learning & Memory
Center for Perceptual Systems
Institute for Neuroscience

Postdoctoral Researchers

Tracy Wang, Ph.D.

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow

Graduate Students

Hyjeong 200circle

Hyojeong Kim


Seth Koslov

Provost Graduate Fellow

Remy Mallett


Ethan Oblak

Mechanical Engineering
(co-advised: James Sulzer)

Gus Hennings

(co-advised: Joey Dunsmoor)

Justin Kilmarx

Mechanical Engineering
(co-advised: James Sulzer)

Research Staff

Katlyn Hedgpeth

Lab Manager
B.S. 2017 UT Austin

Research Assistants

Stephanie Jeanneret

 B.S. 2018 UT Austin

Robaa Al-Najar

UT Austin
Major: Neuroscience, Psychology

Bettina Bustos

 B.A. 2018 UT Austin

Mary Cloer

 B.A. 2009 Texas Tech

Aaron Luna

UT Austin
Major: Neuroscience

Alex Pasch

UT Austin
Major: Neuroscience, Philosophy

Kevin Minear

UT Austin
Major: Neuroscience

Anu Mummaneni 

Westwood High School

Imran Khan

UT Austin
 Major: Neuroscience, Finance

Scott Lacritz

UT Austin
Major: Neuroscience

Summer Interns

Landry Bulls

UT Austin

Shelby Cumings

Vandegrift High School

Pritika Paramasivam

Westwood High School

Isabella Savage

University of Virginia
Major: Neuroscience

Jiangang Shan

Nanjing University (China)

Anjali Sundaram

UT Dallas

Lab Photo Gallery

View photos of lab folks and events over the years.

Selected Alumni

Allison Berman

Masters Student (2017-2018)
Now: Software Engineer, Google

Eleanor “Song” Liu

Research Assistant (2016-17)
Now: Graduate Student, UT Dallas

Shellie Stewart

Lab Manager (2013-17)
Now: Project Coordinator, UT Austin

Gold Chun

Masters Student (2016)
Now: Graduate Student, UT Austin

Mark Hollenbeck

Masters Student (2014-16)
Now: Scientific Software Engineer, Blackfynn

Arjun Mukerji

Research Assistant (2013-14)
Now: Graduate Student, UC Berkeley

Katerina Placek

Lab Manager (2013)
Now: Graduate Student, U. Pennsylvania